Design and creative

Because we know that you need a design that sells.

We know how much you want your communication materials to look good and to be understandable for your users. That’s why we are offering you not only pretty pictures, but complete visual concepts for your advertising appearance in the digital field.

By combining modern technologies with the skills of our design and marketing team, we are offering you adequate visual solutions that will make your brand to stand out and leave pleasant memories with those who have touched it.
Because we know, how important it is to have your own style, we are offering you:

» Creativity:

The creativity in campaigns is a skill that we value not only by the development of your marketing and media strategy, but also in the visual layout of the different communication and advertising carriers. The stories we tell, no matter whether as graphics or texts, have your signature and tell about your success.

Because we know, how important it is to leave traces.

» Practicality:

We know that the ability to present a well-balanced design to the user, determines the way he will perceive your product. We don’t design for the design’s sake, but to support your sales.

Because we know, how difficult it is to find the golden mean.

» Individuality:

We know that you want to be unique and build your own unique image. Therefore, when we develop creative messages for your campaign, we are doing so that, they wear that style and spirit, that will support your business and tell about it in the best way. We find that detail that will make the users remember you and your product.

Because we find beauty in every detail.

» Innovations:

We study the trends in the design field of marketing and advertising, and implement them by the realization of your campaigns. The style that your messages will carry out will be as your users expect, and this will definitely help you sell better.

Because we know, how important it is to know the trends.

» Accuracy:

The accuracy of a project development is a quality we value, because it not only improves the performance of you and your campaign, but also optimizes the performance of the participants in the project. The excellent technical skills of our team help build and reinforce the image of your brand.

Because we know that we need to save each other time.

From our work with the company, we can say that we are extremely satisfied with the experience and expertise that we were provided with in developing our advertising campaigns that are targeting specialized target groups.

LENA PETKOVA,  CEO of Bosch Bulgaria

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