Development of a marketing strategy for user management

The task:

Implementation of a campaign that aims to attract new customers and increase the number of inquiries from existing and old customers

The solution:

Transport and logistics are dynamically developing sectors that required our team to get acquainted in detail with the various modes of transport, the market segments, and the way of choosing a supplier.
As a result of this research we implemented a campaign that included:

•    Development of a landing page for the domestic market with an active call-to-action module;
•    Campaign to attract new users (display advertising, video advertising, text advertising);
•    Remarketing campaign to existing and new customers;
•    Content Management – a monthly e-mail newsletter with the most important industry news and commercial information;
•    Coordination with the sales department of the client upon receipt of inquiries.


The result:

Within the first two weeks of the campaign the client registered 17 new corporate customers. The monthly newsletter increased the number of inquiries to the company and improved its image among current and potential customers.

cargo-partner Landing Page


Account Manager: Natalie Kirilova

Design: Todor Staynov

IT Solutions: Todor Staynov, Valentin Todorov


UX 100%
Wordpress 100%
Mobile 100%


Client: cargo-partner
Date: February 2016





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