Awareness campaign of a telecommunications service company

The task:

Implementation of an awareness campaign that promotes the service * and four numbers

The solution:

We started the project with a detailed study of the behavior of the two main target groups – end consumers and businesses. Subsequently we divided the groups in individual segments and studied in detail their media behavior. The creative was divided into two parts – educational, aiming to present the features of the service, and situational, which was attended by current users of the service. We completed the campaign for two months. During the first month, the campaign was aimed at the end users and it involved different situations that explain how to use the service by consumers. Creative solutions were illustrated with concrete situations in the call centers of Audi, Speedy, Victoria Restaurants, TBI Bank, BTV radio, and faces of the ads were the actual employees of the companies.
Media coverage included traditional and online media:

•    Outdoor advertising (scrollers, bus stops);
•    Underground advertising;
•    Programmatic display advertising;
•    Social Media Advertising – LinkedIn and Facebook;
•    Video advertising;
•    Radio advertising;
•    Advertising in business centers;

The second part of the campaign targeted business users and its aim was to explain the advantages for the companies, which install * numbers. Media channels included: Internet (display, remarketing), video advertising on the Internet, social media (LinkedIn and Facebook), indoor advertising in business centers.


One Smart Star Billboard 2
One Smart Star Billboard

The result:

On the very first days of the campaign the customer received quotation requests for service installations, and many end users understood the benefits of using it.


Account Manager: Natalie Kirilova

Design: Todor Staynov

IT Solutions: Todor Staynov, Valentin Todorov


Content management 90%
Branding 100%
Design 100%


Client: One Smart Star
Date: April 2016



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