Because there are brands who are looking for mass audiences

When planning an increase in sales of our clients, we always discuss options with which to reach a mass audience. Our team has accumulated extensive experience in the planning and buying of various media formats may offer adequate for your needs and effective investment budget media strategy.
We are working with the full media mix of the Bulgarian market and can offer professional solutions and excellent financial conditions for realization of your media campaigns in various media channels:

  • TV commercial
  • Radio advertising
  • Internet add
  • Outdoor advertisement
  • Press advertising
  • Cinema advertising
  • Advertising indoors
  • Advertising at point of sale

Because we know that your budget should be managed wisely and effectively!

From our work with the company, we can say that we are extremely satisfied with the experience and expertise that we were provided with in developing our advertising campaigns that are targeting specialized target groups.

LENA PETKOVA,  CEO of Bosch Bulgaria

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