Premium advertising

Premium advertising

Premium advertising

What is it:

First class websites are the ones which attract the majority of consumers in the country. Such sites usually cover reaches over 50% of Internet users in the country. Usually these pages are the property of strong publishing groups that invest in premium content, better visualization and form a business model based on revenues from traffic. In Bulgaria such groups are Sportal Media Group, Intermedia, Darik,,, Webground and others. The trend of recent years shows that more prime sites in Bulgaria are beginning to limit the number of ad units on a page and rely on larger formats.

How it works

The advertising in first-class (premium) websites is successful for image campaigns or by applying new products and services in the presence of a large advertising budget. It is also used for campaigns that aim at an audience with a wider range – people of all ages, with different interests, etc.

In order to get a good media campaign in first-class (premium) websites, you need specialists who have access to the relevant tools, with which to measure the best options for the positioning of the advertising banners. Since this type of advertising is relatively more expensive than any other of the remaining types, it is almost necessary to trust professionals, if you have decided to invest your budget in such websites.

In Bulgaria, Internet use is reported by data is used for initial information, so you can determine the websites that are most likely to be visited by your users.

Digital Marketing Group uses software when planning campaigns for the Premium network. This way, in combination with our experience, we ensure maximum accurate (precise) targeting of your advertising messages.

What targeting options are available

Most first-class (premium) websites don’t offer a large range of options for targeting, based on extensive demographic criteria – gender, age, income. The strategy of the publishing groups is to develop websites in different categories / audiences – for example, male or female websites, economic websites, sports website, etc. If you want to target with your ad a specific group of people (for example, men, 30-40 years old, with income above 1000 BGN, residents of big cities) you need professional advice.

Our experts, with software help and based on many years of experience, will be able to offer you the optimum mix for your more accurate (precise) targeting needs.

In first-class (premium) websites you can target by geographic location, by putting an indicator, specifying how many times a specific visitor of the website is shown your ad, the so called Frequency capping

What advertising formats are possible

First-class (premium) websites are developing various forms of advertising and are usually innovators in providing advertising formats. Usually, this type of websites is advertising towards customers with larger budgets or those who wish to reach a wider audience.

Most advertisers prefer banner ads in standard formats. As such are accepted sizes 300×250, 729×90. Recently were imposed larger formats such as 300×600 or 980×175, 940×220. There are also more diverse and therefore visible, and more expensive formats such as wallpaper, skyscraper, in warp, etc.

Some of the websites offer and publish text ads as part of their editorial content. In this case, the advertising formats are marked by certain symbols or texts, which indicate that the content is an advertisement.

First-class (premium) websites offer also forms of video advertising, but they are still not widely preferred by the advertisers and are more expensive to implement.

Choosing the right advertising formats is one of the most important steps in the process of website campaigns realization. We, at Digital Marketing Group, know of the potential of the individual websites and can offer you the best options for the display of your advertising message.

What price models are used: CPM

In most cases, banner ads are purchased on first-class (premium) websites, based on price per 1000 impressions. Of course, there are other options for negotiation of other forms of payment. The price for this type of advertising is often higher in comparison to other forms. You can use different kinds of discounts – for volume, preferential, etc.

Some websites offer also advertising models CPC – price per click, but in almost all cases it is a text ad.

In Bulgaria the CPA pricing model is still not common, but in a few years is expected to appear in first-class (premium) websites.

The Digital Marketing Group works with the publishers of most first-class (premium) websites in the country and can provide attractive bids by the implementation of this type of advertising campaigns.

Positioning and measuring

Where your ad is positioned:

Your ad is positioned only on first-class (premium) websites, in locations that are known to you in advance, on days, specified by you, formats, etc.

How your ad is measured:

There are different methods to measure the effectiveness in the Internet environment. The publishers of websites often provide access to the statistical data of the individual ads. It is mandatory that the data, provided from them, contains information about the number of impressions, the made clicks and the ratio between them, the so called CTR.

Some publishing groups are working with more accurate software and provide really good reports about the implementation of the individual campaigns. These reports are sometimes about 50 pages long. Their use and careful examination enable the improvement of your business offer in future campaigns.

If you want an independent from the publishers monitoring of the accounting of your advertising, you can use independent agencies for Internet monitoring or the services of Google.

How it helps you to grow your business

The advertising in first-class (premium) websites can be an effective way to support your own business. It helps you by:

  • Increasing the company’s image and brand recognition by reaching out to a wide range of users;
  • Increasing the confidence in the company;
  • Giving an opportunity for selection and targeting the right target groups that should be reached by your message;
  • Helping increase the sales of your goods or services;
  • Giving an opportunity to manage the appearance of your company in the community;
  • Optimizing the marketing expenses by providing multiple options for results accounting of the campaigns;
  • Providing more free time for you and your team.

How we can be of use to you

The team of Digital Marketing Group offers working and effective solutions for management of your marketing and advertising budgets. Via our experience in planning and implementation of campaigns in first-class (premium) websites, we can assist you in the various stages of the process.

» When developing an advertising strategy:

  • To help you determine the goals of the campaign in a way that meets the needs of your business;
  • To assist you by the market segmentation;
  • To identify the users that you want to reach;
  • To assist you by the campaign budgeting;
  • To develop a working media mix in separate communications channels – online and offline;
  • To help develop the visual concept of the campaign.

» When implementing the campaign:

  • To develop an appropriate (adequate) for your needs communication plan;
  • To make a detailed media planning, in order to achieve the sated in the strategy advertising prices;
  • To develop attractive visual messages that will attract the attention of your customers;
  • To organize the campaign, the operational control over the implementation and the final monitoring;

» The campaign report:

  • To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;
  • To offer you innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

Because our business is to help your business

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