What is it:

Retargeting is a form of digital advertising, which allows the advertiser to reach the users, who have visited his website. Retargeting is one of the main channels, through which you can reach directly those, who have expressed a real interest in your product or service, or those, who have already purchased one.

The trend for 2014 is a more frequent inclusion of retargeting as part of the Internet mix.

To communicate again with those who have visited your website.

How it works

The retargeting is the one form of advertising that allows you to get to your website visitors. When a user visits your website or a section thereof, the website places a so called cookie on his computer, which takes account of this visit. A cookie is the access key to the website user. When he leaves your website, he visits other websites, on which ads are displayed, as well. Here, the advertising system broadcasts your ad and so, he visits your website again.

To implement a campaign with retargeting is necessary to have access to the control panel of your website and to put a script that will collect the necessary information from the cookies. To implement such a campaign is necessary to have a sufficient number of website visitors (each business has a different number of target groups). Therefore, before starting a retargeting campaign is necessary that another form of advertising has been implemented – a digital or a traditional one, which will lead visitors to the website.

The Digital Marketing Group has experience in implementing campaigns with retargeting in different advertising networks and can assist by the implementation of successful campaigns. This way, we ensure maximum accurate (precise) targeting of your advertising messages.

What retargeting options are available:

As the name of this type of advertising shows, it is aimed at those, who have already been on your website. The presumption is that these are the users, who have a real interest in your products and services.

Retargeting usually takes place in various advertising networks. First-class (premium) websites don’t have any practice in offering this type of advertising.

Our experts with software help and based on many years of experience, will be able to offer the optimum mix for the needs of your campaign with retargeting.

What devices does it work for: computers, tablets, mobile devices.

What advertising formats are possible:

The advertising formats of retargeting are banners, text and video. The publishers of different websites choose which version to be displayed on their websites.

Most advertisers prefer banner ads with standard formats. As such are accepted sizes 300×250, 729×90. Recently, also, are imposed larger formats such as 300×600.

The choice of the right advertising formats is one of the most important steps in the process of Internet campaigns implementation. We, at Digital Marketing Group, are familiar with the capabilities of the individual websites and we can offer you the most suitable options for the display of your advertising message.

What price models are used: CPM, CPC, CPA

In most cases, the banner ad in first-class (premium) website is purchased based on price per 1000 impressions (CPM) or based on price per click (CPC).

In the coming years the model CPV is to be imposed.

In Bulgaria the CPA price model is still not a common practice, but in a few years is expected to occur in the model of campaigns with retargeting.

Where your ad is positioned:

Your ad is placed in secondary positions on first-class (premium) websites or on websites with less traffic. The part of the advertising networks which are offering opportunities for retargeting, don’t have the ability to accurately (precisely) select websites, where to display the banners. In this case, the so called blind networks are used, where you have no control over, where and how your ad is displayed.

How your ad is measured

There are different methods to measure the effectiveness in the Internet environment. The publishers of websites or the advertising networks often provide access to the statistical data of the individual ads. It is mandatory that the data, provided from them, contains information about the number of impressions, the made clicks and the ratio between them, the so called CTR.

Some publishing groups and advertising networks are working with more accurate (precise) software and provide exceptionally good reports about the implementation of the individual campaigns. These reports are sometimes about 50 pages long. Their use and careful examination enable the improvement your business offer for the next campaign.

If you want an independent from the publishers monitoring of the accountability of your ad, you can use independent agencies for Internet monitoring or the service of Google.

How it helps you grow your business:

The retargeting can be an effective tool by the promotion of your business. It helps you by:

  • Reminding of your company, products or service those users, who have showed interest in you;
  • Increasing the company’s image and brand recognition by reaching a well-selected number of users who have an interest in your products / services;
  • Increasing the confidence in the company among the potential and already existing customers;
  • Giving opportunities for selection and targeting of the right target groups, who your message should reach;
  • Helping increase the sales of your goods or services;
  • Giving an opportunity to manage the appearance of your company in the community;
  • Optimizing the marketing expenses by providing multiple options for results accounting of the campaigns;
  • Providing more free time for you and your team.

How we can be of use to you:

The team of Digital Marketing Group offers working and effective solutions for management of your marketing and advertising budgets. Via our experience in planning and implementation of campaigns with retargeting, we can assist you in the various stages of the process.

» When developing an advertising strategy:

  • To help you determine the goals of the campaign in a way that meets the needs of your business;
  • To assist you by the market segmentation;
  • To identify the users you want to reach;
  • To assist by the campaign budgeting;
  • To develop a working media mix in separate communications channels – online and offline;
  • To help develop the visual concept of the campaign;

» When implementing the campaign:

  • To develop an appropriate (adequate) for your needs communication plan;
  • To make a detailed media planning, in order to achieve the sated in the strategy advertising prices;
  • To develop attractive visual messages that will attract the attention of your customers;
  • To organize the campaign, the operational control over the implementation and the final monitoring;

» The campaign report:

  • To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;
  • To offer innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

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