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Video Advertising

Video advertising

To make an impact in many ways

What is it:

Video advertising on the Internet will be developed rapidly in the coming years. By simplifying the technology for more and more advertisers will be easier to organize and present video content to their users. The television is no longer the only channel, where you can stream your video messages. Consumers, especially those of the younger audiences, reduce their stay in front of the TV screen in favor of the Internet. Therefore, your brand has to be there.

Video advertising can be broadcasted in different channels connected to the Internet – websites, smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, etc. This will turn it into one of the preferred formats for mobile communication in the next few years.

The publishers of websites in Bulgaria and the advertising networks prepare themselves for this trend. Although the video advertising market in the country is still not enough developed, we can offer you attractive packages for your video messages positioning in front of your target audiences.

How it works

Video advertising on the Internet allows the broadcast of video ads to users, who use devices connected to the Internet. Your ad is displayed in the content they watch / read.

The broadcasting of your video ad no longer requires great effort on your part, and huge budgets for marketing, and broadcasting of the message. Via various techniques for targeting, your ad can reach those users, who might be interested in it, and at a time, when they need it.

To implement a good campaign with video advertising, you need specialists, who have access to the tools to measure the best options for positioning of the video spots. Since this type of advertising is relatively more expensive than many other types of Internet advertising, is almost necessary to trust professionals, if you have decided to invest your budget in such websites.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market in Bulgaria, we will be able to offer you the most suitable mix for the use of video advertising, while broadcasting your messages. The campaign accountability can be implemented with the assistance of our partners at

What targeting options are available

The matter-of-fact video advertising can benefit from all known forms of users targeting in Internet – demographic, by interest, contextual, etc. An inconvenience is the fact that part of the publishing groups doesn’t offer this type of advertising. Since the range of the audience on the first-class (premium) websites is not always wide enough, so we also offer the use of advertising networks, thanks to which the needed number of users can be reached.

Our experts with software help and based on many years of experience, will be able to offer you the optimum mix for your more accurate (precise) targeting needs.

What advertising formats are possible

The work standards with video advertising on the Internet are maximal uniformed with those of television advertising. This allows also the use of your TV spots by the implementation of this type of advertising. The standard length is 15 or 30 seconds, preferably, unlike the TV advertisement, is the 15 seconds option.

The formats we offer are:

Pre-roll – video ads broadcasting on Bulgarian and international websites with legal content that allow this type of advertising. The recommended length is 15 seconds. Your ad can be measured by an independent institution. Pre-roll advertising is a video ad broadcast, to which content the user has accesses to.

Pay per play, audio On – the video ad starts at customer’s request. In this case, you pay only for the number of clicks / views of your advertisement.

Pay per auto play, audio Off – the video ad is displayed automatically, when you open the relevant website. The ad is mute and played at customer’s request. The ad is paid per impression.

Performance Video Network – a network of websites that allow the broadcasting of TV advertising with format 300×250.

A Yahoo study from 2014 shows, however, that users of video advertising on the Internet like it but want an interactive element within. The development of the right advertising message is one of the most important steps in the process of implementation of Internet video campaigns. We, at Digital Marketing Group, know the possibilities for producing video ads and we can offer you the most suitable options for the display of your advertising message.

Price models

In most cases, video ads are purchased, based on a price per 1000 impressions. Of course, there are options for negotiation of other forms of payment. The price for this type of advertising is often higher in comparison to other forms. You can use different kinds of discounts – for volume, preferential, etc.

Some forms of advertising allow also a price model CPV – the payment is based on the number of the viewed ads. Since the range of this type of format is not so wide in Bulgaria, we recommend their combination with other forms of video advertising, in order to be able to reach a wide enough range of the audience.

The Digital Marketing Group works with publishers of most first-class (premium) websites, with different advertising networks in the country and abroad, and can provide attractive bids by the implementation of video advertising campaigns.

Positioning and measuring

Where your ad is positioned:

Your ad is positioned in the content of first-class (premium) websites or in advertising networks. With the advent of new technologies, video ads can be broadcasted to other devices as well, which are connected to the Internet – such as smart TVs.

How your ad is measured:

There are different methods to measure the effectiveness in the Internet environment, which are thoroughly applicable to the video advertising. The publishers of websites or the advertising networks often provide access to the statistical data of the individual ads. It is mandatory that the data, provided from them, contains information about the number of impressions, the made clicks and the ratio between them, the so called CTR.

Some publishing groups and advertising networks are working with more accurate (precise) software and provide exceptionally good reports about the implementation of the individual campaigns. These reports are sometimes about 50 pages long. Their use and careful examination enable the improvement of your business offer for the next campaign.

If you want an independent from the publishers monitoring of the accountability of your ad, you can use independent agencies for Internet monitoring such as, AdOcean or the services

How it helps you grow your business

The video advertising in Internet is innovative and still, not a common practice in Bulgaria. Therefore, your ad for sure will attract the users’ attention and will leave a lasting impression on them. The video advertising can be an effective tool by the promotion of your business. It helps you by:

– Increasing the company’s image and brand recognition by reaching a wide specter of users, who have an interest in your products / services;

– Increasing the confidence in the company as an innovative company / brand among the potential and already existing customers;

– Giving opportunities for selection and targeting of the right target groups, who your message should reach;

– Helping increase the sales of your goods or services;

– Giving an opportunity to manage the appearance of your company in the community;

– Optimizing the marketing expenses by providing multiple options for results accounting of the campaigns;

– Providing more free time for you and your team.

How we can be of use to you

The team of Digital Marketing Group offers working and effective solutions for management of your marketing and advertising budgets. Via our experience in planning and implementation of campaigns with video advertising in first-class (premium) websites, we can assist you in the various stages of the process.

  1. When developing an advertising strategy:
  2. To help you determine the goals of the campaign in a way that meets the needs of your business;
  3. To assist you by the market segmentation;
  4. To identify the users you want to reach;
  5. To assist by the campaign budgeting;
  6. To develop a working media mix in separate communications channels – online and offline;
  7. To help develop the visual concept of the campaign;
  8. When implementing the campaign:
  9. To develop an appropriate (adequate) for your needs communication plan;
  10. To make a detailed media planning, in order to achieve the sated in the strategy advertising prices;
  11. To develop attractive visual messages, with which to attract the attention of your customers;
  12. To organize the campaign, the operational control over the implementation and the final monitoring;
  13. The campaign report:
  14. To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;
  15. To offer innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

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