Outdoor advertisement

Outdoor advertisement

Because size does matter.
Outdoor advertising is a channel that provides an easy and efficient access to a huge number of audience at relatively low cost. This media channel is suitable for the realization of regional campaigns, as well as imposing image or promotional offers. We can offer you several positions for outdoor advertising in urban areas and main roads.
The most commonly used media advertising are:

  • Billboards type Pisa (size 4×3 m)
  • Scroller
  • Megaboard
  • Citilayts
  • Advertising at bus stops
  • Turbot
  • Roofing ads
  • Meshes (dressing of buildings)
  • Read more than subways, tunnels

If you need professional advice in the field of outdoor advertising you can rely on our specialists and more specific inquiries and our partners in the field of outdoor advertising.

Because outside everything is fresh

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