Export Marketing

Export Marketing

Export Marketing

To expand the scale of its business

DMG We have extensive experience in the implementation and development of campaigns, helping local companies to enter international markets. If you are interested to implement your product or service in the Balkan countries (Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia) will be happy to contact us:

How we can assist you:

» In developing the export strategy

  1. Research and analysis of target markets
  2. Develop an action plan for entering new markets
  3. Managing communications with business partners:
    1. Development of B2B business / sales materials –
    2. Keeping online and offline communication with business partners
  4. Identifying points of sale:
    1. Exhibitions, international and professional forums
    2. Personal meetings
  5. Assistance in finding business partners (distributors, representatives, contractors, subcontractors, clients, etc.)
  6. Assisting in the investigation of local legislation and accounting practices
  7. Cost Budgeting for Export Marketing

» In the implementation of the export strategy

  • Management and maintenance of communication activities
  • Localization and adaptation of content marketing and promotional materials
  • Optimizing costs for rollouts
  • Preview of material

» In the report of the campaign:

  • To assist you with ideas for optimizing your future campaigns;
  • To offer innovative solutions that improve the development of your business.

Our team has successfully helped dozens of local companies to showcase their products in foreign markets.

Because our business is to help your business

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