Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning

Because good strategy is the base of a successful business.

Corporate strategy is the element we start when working with each client. The corporate strategy consists of top management’s decisions and activities they have to do in order to realize the business’s goals. When we start working with new client or brand we research on:
  • The owners’ view (family firms and small and middle companies) or the corporate/brand’s view (for bigger structures and international companies);
  • The company’s goals on the current market;
  • The resources they have – human, technological, financial and so on;
  • Business structure (business model);
  • The systems and the processes in the company and on the market it operates;
As a result of the solid knowledge and the need to start developing a plan, which contains information upon:
  • Markets and competitors;
  • Company placement and it’s brands;
  • Market segmentation;
  • Relationships with clients;
  • Company’s skills towards self-education;
  • Company placement;

And we plan what would be our approach in order to reach the company’s clients in the most effective and memorable way.

Because we know how important is for us to know your business.


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