Branding for Demi

The Task:

Demi came by accident, but some of our best projects happen this way. The task was to help them develop a new logo, which they would later use for their online store. The name of the company DEMI contains the names of the owners Dimitar and Milena. Their collections are for women only, which also indicates the main Art direction.



Following the latest trends in fashion branding, we developed concepts that were almost entirely in line with the female audience that would visit the online store. We made at least one logo in each of the styles of the fashion industry.

The Result:

The result is more than good, and as the main reason we point out that the client gave us brief and accurate instructions as to what he would like. But the more important thing is that they let us create in peace and did not interfere in the creative process. That is why we believe that all the variants of the logo we have developed are extremely good.

The Team:

Design: Todor Staynov

Account: Natalie Kirilova


Branding 100%
Design 100%
User Experience 100%

Client: DEMI
Date: May 2017