Concept for usability improvement of Balkan Services’ website

The task:

How to develop a website to fully represent the complex interrelationships between services and technologies, offered by the software integrator Balkan Services and how the corporate website to become a reference for all those customers who implement ERP, CRM and BI software systems.


The solution:

When we took the project, the customer had already structured well the task within 2 years and a tight budget and resources, which resulted in good starting information for the Web developer in the face of one of the leading web agencies eDesign.

As a result the team developed a website that reflected a small part of the complex business of the client, it did not reflect the experience of the company, and it did not support the commercial team in an optimal way.

We started the project with a detailed research of the structure of the business and the websites of leading software integrators in the world, we conducted detailed personal interviews with more than 10 managers in the company and became well acquainted with the benefits that the customers of software integrations of Balkan Services have.

Last but not least, we put ourselves in the shoes of those who will use the site and looked at it with their eyes – the way they will seek information and what they will expect to see.

As a result, we developed a completely new scheme of presenting the information tо meet the essential needs of customers and users:

  • The website to become a powerful platform for identifying and attracting new customers (thus almost every page is Landing page and has a Call-To-Action);
  • To structure the information in the way people seek it (we put forward the issues that are resolved with the introduction of software, the  industries, which potential customers come from,  technologies that are being used, and services, which Balkan Services can offer);
  • We structured the textual information (themes, volume of text, keywords, links, references, etc.);
  • We developed wire-frames, which were the base for the web developer in the face of eDesign to develop the design.


The result:

The new website of Balkan Services has all the prerequisites to become one of the best in the local software integrators market in terms of the way it presents information about ERP, CRM and BI solutions. The huge volume of information is presented in an intuitive way, it meets the needs of various departments of the company and the needs of consumers.



Account Manager: Natalie Kirilova

UX: Natalie Kirilova, Todor Staynov

Content: Natalie Kirilova

Web Design: еDesign

SEO: Natalie Kirilova, Valentin Todorov



Business Analysis 100%
UX 90%
SEO 100%

Client: Balkan Services
Date: June, 2016