Developing an online virtual working platform.

The task:

Developing on online virtual platform for managing NTEF’s documents.

The solution:

The platform Project Application System (PASS) is entirely a Bulgarian product designed to optimize the workflow in the public administration, NGOs and other institutions systemizing their data through electronic technology.Using series of automated processes the element of intentional or unintentional “human mistake” lost influence over the successful implementation of their joined projects. For this purpose automated electronic forms have been developed that allow users to easily and quickly enter their data into the system. It can instantly verify the given information against the institution’s criteria. Every time the user uploads a file, the system takes the relevant user’s data and transfers them in all subsequent documents and stages. Whenever there are entered big texts, tiny deviation from the criteria creates so-called “case”, which is reviewed by administrators – institutional experts; the user receives instructions/reminders for proper data entry. After filling in the electronic forms, users can scan and upload other documents in the system to be reviewed and approved by experts. Approved documents are proceeded forward the ultimate realization of the project by the staff of the institution. Users receive a confirmation of the status of the uploaded documents and the progress of their application in real time through the interface of the system.Our partner for this project is Identity web studio.

The result:

Designing and building an online system for projects management and verification. Achieving eased process and user behavior.

The Team:

Project manager: Natalie Kirilova
IT infrastructure: Dimitar Dinev
Programming: Kamen Dinev


IT project planning 100%
Angular 100%
PHP 100%


Client: National Trust Eco-Fund
Date: March 2015