Producing high quality ethanol and DDGS through passion and innovation

The task:

Introducing the Essentica brand on the chemical and agro markets of raw material in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Serbia.

The solution:

Assisting in the planning of the brand’s marketing and sales activities, identification of key clients and Lead Management. We have also identified key forums in priority sectors for the company. Together with the client’s team we have developed and localized content, aiming to attract and retain key customers for the brand through social media, updating the corporate blog and newsletter. Last but not least we have realized B2B media coverage in specialized publications.

The result:

90% of the planned number for potential users reached in advance for a period of six months.


Strategic marketing: Natalie Kirilova
Account: Mariela Daskalova
Digital media: Elena Ivanova
IT solutions: Valentin Todorov
Copywriter: Peter Stefanov


Content management 90%
Branding 100%
Design 75%


Client: Essentica
Date: 2015