Reach up to 90,000 fans with only $ 10 budget
Mini-game for Delonghi Facebook page

The Task:

Delonghi is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the production of coffee machines and coffee machines. Their Distributor for Bulgaria – TESY Ltd. Entrusted us with the maintenance of the facebook page of the brand. We found a well-maintained page with nearly 30,000 fans, which, unfortunately, was not active in the past two years, and Delonghi is definitely a brand that has something to show and how to stake its audience. One of the initiatives we did was to run a mini-game aimed at raising the brand’s brand awareness.


The idea was to use the Easter holiday to make people part of the brand concept – to enjoy an exclusive coffee experience. We decided not to hinder people and the client himself, so we did a simple job asking a simple question: “What do you prefer to drink in the morning: Espresso or Cappuccino?” The goal, on the one hand, was for the audience to answer their favorite beverage to participate in the mini-prize lottery. On the other hand, our goal was to do little research to help the company’s sales team better understand the needs of consumers. We left office on Friday – April 14 (the first day of Easter holidays). Due to the Facebook algorithm, we let the post register organic growth by constantly monitoring its behavior. Only on the third day of the holidays, due to the gradual decrease in the organic reach of the campaign, we sponsored the post with a budget of $ 10.

The Result:

The result was extremely good:

– The post reached 93,917 fans;

– 75 769 fans were reached through the game organically;

– 18,039 fans were reached with paid advertising;

– the post had 1,370 shares;

– 1,414 people had answered their favorite coffee drink;

– 1 231 people liked the post.

The Team:

Concept: Ivayla Radenkova

Design: Todor Staynov

Advertising: Natalie Kirilova


Marketing 100%
Social media 100%
Media monitoring 100%

Client: Delonghi Bulgaria
Date: April 2017