Development of a marketing strategy for user management

The task:

Implementation of a campaign that aims to attract new customers and increase the number of inquiries from existing and old customers

The solution:

Spedition and logistics are dynamically developing sectors in which digital technologies will become more and more involved. DIGITAL MARKETING GROUP was selected as a Bulgarian agency for one of the leading international freight forwarding companies (yes, the name is written in small letters 🙂


Like a number of representatives of foreign companies, we were confronted with a poorly built online infrastructure that made it difficult to build an adequate online campaign. The Bulgarian Internet site was a subsection of the international one and was accessed by 4-5 clicks on the corporate website, which was often opened in German. The Bulgarian representation of the company was unable to manage the online platform on its own platform, the content it needed, and therefore either did not share information or relied on expensive solutions without a real result.


The budget for the company’s marketing activities, like most companies in the sector, is very limited. The cargo-partner team said that in previous years they had the opportunity for 1-2 weeks to appear on any other site without taking into account the real effect of the investments invested. After analyzing the situation in the company, the environment and the sector, we came up with a proposal to break the model and start working more actively with our existing customer base (about 7,000 corporate customers, most medium and large companies) We try through the means of online marketing and within the limited budget to attract new customers.



As a result of the survey, we launched a campaign that included:

Develop a landing page for the local market with an active call-to-action module. Due to a number of corporate limitations, we have to manage it at our subdirectory, (unfortunately we did not get permission to register a .bg domain or a Facebook / LinkedIn page);
Develop a campaign to attract new users (display ad, video ad, text ad). In practice, we used the existing resources of the online environment and took advantage of moments in which the cost of advertising was lower and premium publishers gave extra bonuses;
Developing a remarketing campaign to existing and new clients from site visitors and our mailing lists;
Content creation – we produced 3-4 professional news every month that provided interesting information to our customers and partners. We had to enter in detail the company’s terminology, forwarding, transport, customs declarations, logistics, etc. The content created was uploaded to the blog we had generated in our subsite;
Managing a monthly electronic newsletter with the most interesting of the industry, as well as commercial information;
Daily coordination with the customer’s sales department when receiving inquiries. In practice, much of the queries that arose as a result of the company went through our servers. This allowed us to have access to the actual campaign effect and make adjustments when needed.

The result:

Within the first two weeks of the campaign, the customer registered 17 new corporate users, with over 100 new corporate users registered as a result of the campaign. The monthly newsletter increases the number of queries to the company and improves its image among current and potential customers. In practice, after each press conference only about 5 to 10 specific requests for transport were passed through us, the direct requests to the company were separate. The average number of open news is over 15%, with more than a quarter of the news with a 20% open rate. The client managed to regain marketing of his investment for the first month.


Account Manager: Natalie Kirilova

Design: Todor Staynov

IT Solutions: Todor Staynov, Valentin Todorov


UX 100%
Wordpress 100%
Mobile 100%


Client: cargo-partner
Date: February 2016