Managing the facebook profile of TESY in 10 countries

The Task:

Tesy is one of the leading European manufacturers of water heaters and convectors. Tesy is a well-known brand on the Bulgarian market, mainly due to the serious TV advertising. The company needed to develop a marketing concept that would present its household appliances in the different markets where it works, in the local language and according to the requirements and readiness of the respective local market.


We developed a concept that complied with:

  • Appliance types;
  • Seasonality;
  • Individual markets;
  • Target audiences.

We carry out the following activities during the process:

  • We create and locate content (texts and vision);
  • We manage the content;
  • We manage ads and targeting for individual markets;
  • We analyze the behavior of the target groups;
  • We assist our customers and partners in their queries through social media;

We improve the brand’s performance on the markets where the company operates.

The Result:

TESY builds its new Facebook page and puts a good foundation for its brand in several target markets. We built a good base of target audiences to target the company’s respective campaigns.

The Team:

Design: Todor Staynov, Valentin Todorov

Content: Natalie Kirilova, Ivayla Radenkova


B2B 100%
B2C 100%
Social media 100%

Client: Tesy
Date: January 2017 г.