How to make big media a part of your marketing strategy?
Market introduction of The FinTech company Paysera

The Task:

When FinTech, Paysera, started its business in Bulgaria, our team had to help the brand position itself and get into business.
We entered a market with extremely strong competition from absolutely all banks, the presence of two major international players in the international currency transfers – Western Union and MoneyGram, as well as several lesser players. FinTech technologies barely made their first steps in Buglia, and were rather strange and distrust of consumers. At the same time, the financial environment was trying to recover after some problems that he had encountered in the previous years. The communication goals we had to implement in the second half of the year included:

– Introducing the Paysera brand on the market;

– Present the service of profitable international currency transfers.

The Solution:

The project required work in several target groups:

– End customers, users of the international currency transfer service;

– Business customers who regularly use the Foreign Transfers service. They were divided into different target groups – owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses, financiers and accountants, auditors and others;

– The mainstream journalists – who had to be trained for the FinTech sector and the way it works.

The communication plan required work in both online and offline environments. This was conditioned by the structure of the environment and the readiness of the market. The main communication strategy we made was to create content and promote it primarily in the online environment to our target groups.

For six months, we organized three press conferences in which journalists from leading national and economic media such as Capital, Banker, Investor, Enterprise magazine and others took part. The data provided at the conferences found a very good response in the media, with coverage in more than 70% of our media streams.

This allowed us to generate great content for the brand and the FinTech sector, on the other hand the fact that the publications were in reputable media allowed us to build a very positive image for the brand. Much of the publications were shared and further strengthened in social media.

The Result:

Within the first six months of the project we achieved:

– media publications with a major Paysera focus for over BGN 100,000;

– over 3,000 comments in social media under our blog posts;

– reaching more than 500,000 people (budget was extremely limited);

In commercial terms, the company ended with 400 corporate clients and over 1,000 individuals who made monthly turnover of more than 16 million leva.

The Team:

Marketing: Natalie Kirilova
Design: Todor Staynov, Valentin Todorov
Account management: Liliana Bogdanova


Design 100%
Marketing 100%
Copywriting 100%

Client: Paysera
Date: March 2017