Awareness campaign of a telecommunications service company

The task:

One Smart Start Bulgaria offers a new generation communication service that allows the integration of corporate communication into a short * and four-digit number. Companies that install the service can use numbers like:

  • Telephone service (call center access) – for example * BANK;
  • E-mail – for example *;
  • SMS service;
  • Postal service (it is not necessary to know the client’s address, it is sufficient to indicate its * number);
  • A mobile application that directly communicates with the company;
    IVR (Visual IVR), where companies can present corporate branding in addition to their service.

The goal of the project was to increase the recognition of the * four-digit service among its target groups:

  • New business customers – corporate clients who would like to unite their business communications in a single channel;
  • End users (users) – customers of the above mentioned businesses, which should be facilitated in the process of communication with the company they are looking for, regardless of their preferred way of communication;
  • Existing business customers – to be encouraged to use more * the numbers in their marketing communication and to increase the trust in the service.

The solution:

We launched the project with a detailed study of the behavior of the two main target groups – end users and business users. Subsequently, we shattered the groups of individual segments and studied their media behavior in detail.

The creative was divided into two parts:

  • Educational, to represent the functions of the service, namely name;
  • A situation in which the current business customers of the service took part.

The campaign duration was two months (11 April to 12 June). The period was chosen on the one hand to match the trend of demand for such services by corporate clients (before and during the active season) as well as to respond to the active advertising campaigns of existing clients.

In the first period, the campaign was aimed at end-users and included different situations to explain how the service was used by users. The creative solutions were illustrated with specific situations from the Audi, Speedy, Victoria, TBI, BTV radio call centers, and advertisers were employees of the companies in question (or those from databases :).

In the second part of the campaign, we targeted business users by presenting the service through the eyes of their customers, who need quick and easy access to their companies.

The division in the periods was also due to the fact that the company’s international website did not allow a clear distinction between business and end users, which would limit the opportunities for online remarketing.

The media coverage includes traditional, online media, as well as advertising in the visual IVR company:

B2B Campaign (April 11 – May 8):

– outdoor advertising (scrollers, stops);
– subway advertising;
– a display ad;
– Display and text ads (Google, Adwise, HTTPool)
– Display ad that leads to the app
– advertising in social media -Facebook and partially LinkedIn;
– video advertising on the Internet (HTTPool);
– remarketing.

B2B Campaign (9 May to 12 June):

– radio advertising;
– sponsored radio titles;
– outdoor and indoor advertising in business centers;
– print advertising in a magazine;
– a display ad;
– Display and text ads
– Display app ad
– advertising in social media -Facebook and partially LinkedIn;
– video advertising on the Internet;
– Remarketing
– email marketing.

Campaign in OSSN participating customers’ campaigns:

In the course of our work, we managed to attract a part of the marketing departments of the participating OSSN clients to our side, which effectively increased the media area of the campaign.

One of the goals was for existing customers to start using the * numbers in their marketing communication, which we have succeeded in achieving.

The Result:

Campaign results were measured in several ways:

  • Increase the visibility of service among business customers. Observations by the sales team of the company show that there is a significant improvement in recognition (up to 80% of cold calls);
  • Increase sales of the service – the company has attracted several new users as a result of the campaign, and several are still in talks. The trade effect is almost double the number of deals since 2015.
  • End-user service recognition – data shows that during the campaign period, an average increase of about 10% was recorded in the number of the use of the service;
  • Mobile application download – an increase of over 300% was recorded only during the campaign period.

The Team:

Account manager: Natalie Kirilova
Copyright: Natalie Kirilova and Elena Ivanova
Todor Staynov
IT solutions: Todor Staynov and Valentin Todorov

Account manager: Didi Koeva

The Client after the campaign:

It’s hard today to find people who understand their job, do it openly, fairly and honestly, with heart and from the heart, ignite you with their ideas and confidently and calmly help you realize the best for you. If you need such people, call the Digital Marketing Group.

Didi Koeva, COO at OSSN Bulgaria


Strategic planning 100%
Project management 100%
Results 100%


Client: One Smart Star
Camapign Period: April – June 2016