Annual pressconference

The Task:

Providing media coverage for the annual reporting conference of Robert Bosch in Bulgaria

The Solution:

The corporate press conferences are not among the most favorite events for journalists. So it was a real challenge to find the right approach to each editor in order to be able to fill in the defined quantity. We have developed personal messages to each person, approached every one personally and we were able to provide the desired number of media representatives the client insisted to attend at the press conference.

The Result:

The result of the subsequent coverage has also shown that we have done well our job.And the best proof of this is the fact that Robert Bosch invited us for the second year in a row to help them in organizing the event.

  • 92% presence of preset journalists
  • 100% coverage by the attended media representatives.

The Team:

Team Leader: Natalie Kirilova

Account: Elena Ivanova, Mariela Daskalova

Technical support: Valentin Todorov


Media planning 100%
PR 100%
Monitoring 100%


Client: Bosch
Date: 2014