UX, UI and development of C Team Gouop’s portal and sites

The task:

Development of a portal for the needs of the group and the individual companies

The solution:

The team CTeam asked for an implementation of an online portal that can simultaneously serve for the presentation of the entire group of companies and in the same time individually.

It was required to develop a design that distinguishes the company from other HR companies, operating in the local market, but also to offer a platform that is easy to use and maintain. Together with the team of CTeam we developed a WordPress based website and 4 subdomains that lead to the individual companies. In terms of design we chose several different types of sports and we tried each one of them to meet the page information and the effect that we were looking for.

The result:

Contemporary and design challenging site, easy to navigate, with responsive design that is easy to manage by customers and consumers.


Account Manager: Natalie Kirilova

Design: Todor Staynov

IT Solutions: Todor Staynov, Valentin Todorov


UX 90%
Wordpress 100%
Development 75%


Client: CTeam Group
Date: February 2016