Content management is among the top trends in modern marketing. The brands gain more power, when managing content related to their business. At DMG we help our clients to build their online reputation, as stressing on creating qualified and professional content, which supports improving the image in front of existing partners, to attract new clients and improving their performance in front of their employees and the society.

How we work for content management:


Detailed acquaintance with your business

Whether it is about building products or raw materials, or cosmetics, the first step we take is to get familiar with the business structure and the products/services, which will be offered.


Get to know the customer’s segmentation

We work with both small and large target groups and find appropriate solutions to get to them.


Get to know the terminology

This is probably the most difficult process, but without it we can’t guarantee quality message. Sometimes this step requires hiring external experts (most often from the field of science), who work with us and support us in the process.


Get to know the best cases on the market

We constantly research the cases for creating and managing content and this helps us to provide qualified solutions for client communication management.

How can we help you when executing B2B marketing campaigns:

In developing the content management strategy

Develop a comprehensive strategy
Study and analysis of target groups
Select communication channels
Budgeting content costs

In implementing the content management strategy

  • Creating text content
  • Visualization of the content – graphic and video
  • Maintaining communication activities
  • Localization and adaptation  the content of marketing and advertising materials
  • Cost optimization

Analyzing and reporting content management activities

Analysis of the performance of individual channels
Recommendations for improving the communication strategy
Integrate the resources of the company and its subcontractors

Our content creation and management services:

Blog posts
Social media

Because the professional content management is a guarantee for the image of your brand.

Work, smiles, result – the three words I would describe with Digital Marketing Group. 

VALENTINA MAKARESTOVA, Marketing Manager at Balkan Services

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