Create and manage blog content

Create and manage blog content

Your business website presents the face of your business on the Internet. Adding blog content to your site is a powerful marketing tool not only for creating a good image but also contributing to its good optimization.

The content of any site is of utmost importance for its positioning on Google search. In this regard, the more unique content you have, the more often you publish the latest news about your brand, the better your positioning on Google.

In most cases, creating quality blog content requires time and dedication. That is why our team can help you with this task.

What we do on creating blogging content:


Detailed acquaintance with your business

Our team of Strategic Marketing Experts is thoroughly acquainted with the business, goals and resources you have. We investigate the sources of information we can use, the assistance we can get from the team of the client, the partners, external sources.


Get to know the customer’s segmentation

We deepen our marketing research in studying the behavior and characteristics of individual target groups. We are studying good practices in the sector for product and service delivery. We develop and prepare the client databases on which the strategy will be built.


Understanding the terminology

Every business has its own specifics, terms and templates, and it is important for us to speak and write in a professional language. Therefore, an important part of the preparation of our work is to learn how to provide information at an expert level. If necessary, we also attract external customer industry experts who help us with the development of the content.


We are on top with the best cases on the market

We are constantly studying the practices of creating and managing blog content, page optimization requirements, professional forums that our customers follow. This allows us to offer quality communication solutions to our customers.

What can we help you with:

  When creating a complete strategy for the content of your business

  Create the right texts for your corporate site or blog

  Preview content through images, infographics and video


Brands today are media!

Blogging content management is one of the most modern trends in modern marketing. Brands gain more power when they manage content related to their business. We at DMG help our customers build their online presence by focusing on creating quality and professional content to help improve their image among existing partners, attract new customers and improve their performance to employees and society.

Because quality content gives you an edge.

We are very pleased with our joint partnership with DMG! As a start-up business a year ago, we were attracted by their vision of establishing a new service in Bulgaria and the innovative approach to the implementation of the marketing plan through digital channels. We rely on them to grow together!


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