Electronic bulletins are relatively easy to manage but difficult to implement in each company. They require time and dedication.

Email marketing plays an important part in shaping your business – whether it is aimed at B2B or B2C audience. It helps to strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers.

Today, consumers want to learn more about the companies they buy from and insist on more than a simple relationship between buyer / customer. They are more perceived as business partners, they want to be informed about the company’s progress and values.

Through email marketing, you will keep in touch with users by informing them of the latest developments in the industry and around you, about current events and news.

We at DMG have experience in managing electronic newsletters for different audiences, tailored to the needs of the customer.

The steps we follow are:


Developing a comprehensive email marketing strategy


Forming content


Generate content – text, visuals, and templates




Detailed analysis of the results

We use all the popular and proven platforms that help you navigate easily, get a good look and quality analysis of your newsletter.

Because it is good to remind for yourself.

From our previous work with the company, we can say that we are extremely pleased with the experience and expertise we are provided with in developing our advertising campaigns that target narrowly specialized target groups.  

LENA PETKOVA, Managing Director at Robert Bosch

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