Social media management

Social media management

We can skillfully build strategies, tell stories, create content for your brand in online space and social media.

The presence of your brand in social media as a “living organism” is an important part of your company’s vision in the eyes of the audience. Today, social media serves not only as a means of communication, but also as the first means of information and knowledge of a business.

Our team is able to “get under the skin” of your brand and reach the true essence of your business to recreate it in the right content and spread it on the right online channels of communication.

What we do in social media management:


Detailed acquaintance with your business

Whether it’s cosmetics or building products, the first step we take is to get acquainted with the structure of business, services and products.


Get to know the customer’s segmentation

We work with both small and large target groups and find appropriate solutions to get to them.


We are on top with the best cases on the market

We constantly study the practices in content creation and management, and that allows us to offer.quality solutions.


Choosing the right social media

We develop a strategy for appropriate social media, frequency, stylistics, and strategy for managing them.

How can we help you manage your social media?

When developing a social media management strategy

Develop a comprehensive strategy
Study and analysis of target groups
Select communication channels
Budgeting of social media costs

In implementing the social media management strategy

Creating the concept
Preview and Creative (Images, Video Graphics)
Maintain communication activities
Manage ad budgets
Content localization and adaptation
Optimization of costs

Analysis and accountability of social media management activities

Analysis of the performance of individual channels
Recommendations for improving the communication strategy
Integrate the resources of the company and its subcontractors

We work with:





Because it’s important to be where your users are.

Working with DMG is much more than 3 words, but I will say the most important of them: Pleasure, Satisfaction, Sense. Just a part of your success!


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