Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction
December 21, 2017 Yana Logofetova
Customer Satisfaction

It might seem obvious that each company needs satisfied customers to be successful. Satisfied customers equal more sales, bigger turnover and more business. But do we actually know what people think of us? Do we know how often they would buy our products/services and what stops them from doing so? Is there something we can do to see the trends in time and straighten things before it’s too late?

This article aims to highlight the importance of customer satisfaction. We wanted to hint everyone, even ourselves, that there are no insurmountable barriers when it comes to collecting quality information.

The customer satisfaction surveys are not something new. But the modern technologies and the Internet turned them into extremely easy way for obtaining clients’ feedback. A questionnaire well done can bring valuable information for the clients’ mindsets. It may highlight an emerging problem or an already existing one. Then, what stops us from trying? Maybe, it’s just that you didn’t put any thought by now into the topic. This is why we’ll try to throw some light.

First, choose how you will do the research. You can either send an electronic form or you might think of using interviewers instead. There are a bunch of factors, which will help you decide, but the most important is the quantity of the customers you want to interview. If you want to collect information from more than 50 people – the best thing to do is to use an Internet platform.

Second, in order to prepare a good questionnaire you have to think what you want to achieve in the first place. It’s immensely important to define the main topics you are interested in. They might be:

  • How your company is doing compared to your competitors;
  • Does your products meet customers’ expectations;
  • How is your service line performing… and so on;

Once you know what exactly you want to achieve with the research, you have to deal with the list of potential receivers.  Don’t even think to underestimate the time you need for the whole thing. If you are managing a micro business and you have collected all of your contacts in a nice little database – that would be awesome! You are ready.

In most of the companies, though, things aren’t that awesome and that information would need to be collected, processed and prepared in a useful manner. What can you do then? For one, you can try to gather the information from Accounting, but be careful there as contact persons might not be exactly the ones you need. A better option is to ask the sales team to give you the list of clients to whom they send Christmas cards. In any case, to have a successful research you have to target the people in charge, the decision makers, those who will choose you as a partner.

Don’t forget that you are sending the questionnaire to people that are just as busy as you are. The questions have to be short, simple and easy to answer. If the questionnaire is too long or complicated, your clients either won’t reply or they might make a mistake. These both won’t work for us.

There are a lot more small details you need to consider when you are planning the research. Hope, we managed to give you a good starting point.

We live in a time, when the information (especially the negative one) reaches people incredibly fast.  The modern means of communication and social media are capable of ruining every business for days, but also to lift it to unexpected success. Don’t stay uninformed. That can be the difference between success and failure. Our team in DMG knows how to transform your questionnaire in a useful tool for measuring the customer satisfaction. We know how to prepare, send and fine-tune it accumulate useful data. You are welcome to contact us at at any time.


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