We offer complex services for design, production and usage of various digital products, trough which you can cover the needs of your communication aims. The innovative or proven digital products support your company’s overview and increase the effectiveness and trust in your brand.

Because we know how important it is to be perfect, we provide you with:


We research the technical innovations in the field of marketing and advertising and we implement them when we realize your marketing campaigns. We translate the computer language to the language of marketing, and then to the customer’s language.

Because we know how hard it is to get familiar with the large mix of digital technologies.


We know that each technology is pointless without good ideas to make it come alive and make it reveal it’s potential. That’s why we offer creative solutions to support your communication campaign and to be distinctive.

Because we know that the good ideas have to be beautifully told.


Our experience in planning, design, executing and analyzing the effectiveness of digital communication products, has convinced us to make the digital marketing more understandable and more effective for the different brands.

Because it is important to stand on a solid ground.


We work with people and that’s why we know how important are the human relationships for executing every communication campaign. We provide qualified management for your digital products and we select the team, in order to make things happen in the best way for you.

Because we know that behind each company are standing real people – you and your clients.


We know how important is your clients to love your business. That’s why we give them unforgettable digital experience and this way we support your business.

Because we know how important is to be loved.

Because the digital communication has to be on a large scale.

Work, smiles, result – the three words I would describe with Digital Marketing Group. 

VALENTINA MAKARESTOVA, Marketing Manager at Balkan Services

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