Games are a tool which marketing specialists use actively to increase the number of users. While entering the digital technologies the abilities to organize game stimulation, aiming to attract and keep the users have increased significantly.

Depending on your company’s goals, targeted groups, wanted results and budget and time frames, we can offer you various games which could be part of your marketing strategy and to attract the users’ attention and interest.

Combining your requirements, abilities and restrictions, with our experience, marketing and technical knowledge, together we will develop games, which will support your marketing program.


Stages of work

  1. Discussing the your project’s marketing needs
  2. Developing a game concept, based on your marketing plan
  3. Developing game rules and law regulators
  4. Developing a marketing plan for popularization
  5. Defying the technical parameters, needed for the correct execution
  6. Building game’s visual identity
  7. Developing content – visual and texts
  8. Game development
  9. Optimization (if necessary)
  10. Work education
  11. Testing game
  12. Installing the game
  13. Starting the game
  14. Game maintenance for the set time period
  15. Campaign analysis

Game concept

We pay very big attention to this stage of work in implementing game stimulation, because it determines the project’s future. From the very beginning we develop solutions that do not simply replicate some familiar versions of games, but they are being further developed in a way that meets your needs and that will attract your users’ attention.

User experience

How your customers perceive the content of your game and how they react to its regulation, content, layout and color options are elements on which we pay extremely important attention. We want your customer to experience positive emotions while participating in the game and being left with good impressions to tell their friends and acquaintances.

We want your game to become the user’s game – in that small detail which makes his/her day prettier and pleasant and which will share the joy with their friends and family.

Because the child lives in every one of us.

Working with DMG is much more than 3 words, but I will say the most important of them: Pleasure, Satisfaction, Sense. Just a part of your success!


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