Landing page

Landing pages

Landing pages are the first thing your users communicate with, when they are interested by your ad. Due to this fact this landing page has to be executed in different way, which impresses the users so that they will continue their walk around your website.

The design, the programming, the optimization and landing page maintenance are following the good digital campaign. Trough them you keep up the client communication and you gather information for their behavior, interests, demographics and more.

We can offer you effective solutions for landing page development, which will increase the engagement if your clients with your brand, regardless if you are a small company or an international brand.


Stages of work

  1. Discussing the your project’s marketing needs
  2. Developing a concept
  3. Defying the project’s technical parameters
  4. Building website architecture
  5. Developing content – visual and texts
  6. Testing the interface
  7. Developing the website
  8. Adding information – visual and text elements
  9. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  10. Work education
  11. Installing the website

Technologies used

When developing websites and landing pages we recommend if you are a small or medium company and you don’t have your own system, use one of the open source platforms – WordPress or Joomla. This way you won’t be depending on us or others and you will have the complete freedom to choose the partner, whom you want to work with.

For more complicated or corporate projects it is necessary to have more detailed view over the documentation in order to defy the amount of required time we need from you to spend on the technology.

User experience

How your clients percieve the content on your website and how they react to it, to the colors and possibilities are the elements we pay extremely detailed attention to. Our wish is your client to spent more time on your website, to get easily the needed information and to be impressed by your products/services. And you will receive the information you need – who are the users who have shown interest in your ad, etc.

Because your digital advertisements lead here.

Work, smiles, result – the three words I would describe with Digital Marketing Group. 

VALENTINA MAKARESTOVA, Marketing Manager at Balkan Services

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