The presentations are a key tool in presenting concrete business, brand or idea. It shows nature in a unique, engaging and comprehensive manner. This is your larger business card. Content that moisture determines your focus and precision. Usually this is the key element of any presentation should therefore take the proper time and place to share with your audience what you want to tell her – in the most accurate and memorable way. It is necessary to comply with an audience and capture border between professionalism and accessibility, that is to use recognizable terminology.

The design is of key elements that your corporate presentation would impress those that do. It must meet your corporate identity and helps you to be recognized and remembered. Combining your requirements and expectations, we create the exact presentation for you, which you open doors wherever you want.


Stages we go trough

  • Discussion of the project objectives, audiences to whom it is directed
  • Discussion of visual and textual concept with the client
  • Development of various options
  • Clarification of the technical characteristics
  • Create unique text content
  • Selection and use of pictures
  • Design and programming ( for online presentations )
  • Successful completion of the presentation
  • Transmission of client


The concept presentation is developed by marketers that will catch your customers’ requirements . In realizing our presentations designers and developers use design programs that contribute to the unique vision and technical symmetry. We work with some of the biggest generators of photo , video and audio content can thus shape the uniqueness of your project. The texts are drawn from copywriters with years of experience in marketing and advertising.

User experience

Successfully realize the concept that informs , intrigues and fascinates your audience. Serve as the information you wanted , but in a way that helps further the desired audience to see , hear and remember your business.

Because we know how important it is to introduce yourself the right way.

We are very pleased with our joint partnership with DMG! As a start-up business a year ago, we were attracted by their vision of establishing a new service in Bulgaria and the innovative approach to the implementation of the marketing plan through digital channels. We rely on them to grow together!


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