Digital Branding

Digital Branding
July 12, 2016 DMG Blogging
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Increasingly strong penetration of digital technologies allow brands to communicate more directly and compelling to their users.

Here are some steps that should help you build your brand in the digital space:

1. Introduce yourself
The way you will present yourself visually and textually on the web and in social media, largely determines the way your audience will perceive you. That is why,  the “About Us” page is key for your optimization.

2. Use simple words
Digital technology made it possible for brands to speak in simple language, to communicate personally with each one, according to their level. This requires a new communication culture, and therefore you need to be flexible. Try to avoid complex words and terms. Try to illustrate your professionalism by talking in plain language that everyone understands.

3. Be present in many different channels
Your brand should be where your customers are. Video, audio, print, internet … – do not hesitate to attend various advertising media, provided they are adequate for the business and your audience.

4. Create emotions
Find a few key emotions around which to build your brand. In this way, people will connect easily with them, which will eventually assist your brand recognition. Make sure that the posts and the articles you create in your blog, as well as the photos in Instagram create a sense of the emotions that you want. Merge them under one denominator.

5. Be confident and daring
Consumers in the digital environment expect you to be more daring. Do it, but consider carefully how far is your limit. You can show them pictures of cats as long as they are properly integrated into the brand and the communication strategy.

6. Identify your keywords
And then use them in your communication across channels. This is the one of the most important stages in the development of a branding strategy. Describe the words that speak and relate with your business and brand. Use them in your daily communication. Name your files with them (this is a great way for optimization).

7. Make users believe that they manage your brand
Communicate with people, do not hesitate to speak in a friendly way, make users an important part of your strategy. Every brand has a number of users, who like to share the information you share.

8. Work with colors
Easy and intuitive way to create the sensations that you want in your brand. You can use the colors of your logo as a foundation, but you can also develop additional ones that are in sync with it. Use colors elegantly, whenever you can in your communication.

9. Think of your own hashtag (#)
For many users hashtags are a way to easily find the information they are seeking. So create one that you can associate yourself with and use it.

10. Tell Stories
A brand is the stories told – whether by using words, video or audio, it is important to tell stories. In this way consumers will find you more intuitively and will engage more with your brand. It’s worth it!

11. Give value to your audience
Today the market dynamics is great. Knowledge is the currency that is most convertible. So do not be afraid to give your knowledge. Share information that will be useful and interesting for your fans. Make it the way they expect. In any case, it is important to give additional value and without expectation of anything in return.

12. Develop your brand
As we mentioned it, the digital environment is dynamic and what works today, may not be true for tomorrow. Do not be afraid to experiment, to change, to learn new things, to fail. This is the only way your brand will grow and have a life on its own.


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