DMG`s campaign for supporting the Bulgarian SMEs helped 17 companies and start-up projects

DMG`s campaign for supporting the Bulgarian SMEs helped 17 companies and start-up projects
January 6, 2016 DMG Blogger

DMG’s campaign for supporting the small and middle sized Bulgarian enterprises can set the results after the first year. During the project we made some initiatives through which we supported starting and developing Bulgarian companies. We spent part of our time and resources and helped them for free to improve their marketing and digital presence. The campaign is part of the long term Digital Marketing Group’s (DMG) team strategy to work towards helping start-ups, small and middle sized companies and through this to support their development, stated Natalie Kirilova, CEO of Digital Marketing Group.

During the campaign we invested almost 20 000 Bulgarian leva as human work from our side or as additional discounts for start-up companies or NGOs. 2 NGOs, 7 start-up Bulgarian projects and 8 micro and small companies took part in the campaign, part of which needed support to expand their international coverage.

Thanks to Digital Marketing Group’s initiative, our organization United Business Clubs can count on better performance on the Internet environment with modern and functional website. It can be used to inform our clients for the organization’s initiatives, along with upcoming European projects, comments Veselin Halachev, chairman of UBC.

During 2016 we tend to continue the campaign by upgrading the results we already have. We are a start-up company as well, we were able to realize the importance the having a solid support, shared Valentin Todorov, Chief Technical Officer at DMG.

Start-up companies, micro, small and middle sized companies can take advantage of the campaign, along with NGOs which plan to develop their activities. The companies that take part of the campaign are being chosen by DMG’s team and our partners.


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