Do you know which keywords people use to find your business?

Do you know which keywords people use to find your business?
February 8, 2016 DMG Blogger

Keywords are the major factor users find your business on the Internet. That’s why you need to spend serious amount of time to analyze, add, change and build your marketing strategy around them. In this article we will present to you several techniques through which you can identify the keywords for your business and to use them effectively at least in your digital communication.

Using effectively these techniques you will be able to improve your website and social media content optimization.

  1. Define your basic keywords – and describe them. Start with your products and services you wish to offer. Describe the basic keywords which you want to develop your marketing strategy around.
  2. Expand your keywords – after you have defined your basic keywords, build up groups around them. If you are selling clothes, it is one way to fill in with words like dress, scarf, and shoes and then add to them red shoes, long dress and so on. A tool you can use and would be very useful when identifying keywords for your business is KeyWord Planner, which is part of the Google AdWords platform.
  3. Keywords frequency in your content – your company invests in creating content, but it is also very important that this content is connected to your keywords. It’s not all about sticking keywords in every sentence, but to build a clear strategy to create quality content around the keywords and phrases.  Usually around one word you can use at least several synonyms or it could be written in various ways. Useful tool you can use are or
  4. Keywords in your website title – it is extremely important for your website to contain the basic keyword or keywords in the title which matter to your business. For instance if you offer tires, write it down in the title – tires. Don’t fall for writing long titles. Google like websites with short and clear titles.
  5. Keywords at the URLs of your website – the URL is an address where certain webpage is located on the Internet. In order to find you easily it is very important this URL to be very clear. If you continue with the tire example you can have an URL containing the phrase – or .
  6. File names – when you upload pictures, video or other files on your website or social media, make sure you rename them according to your keywords. This will make them easier to be found. Many people search through Google Images. This is a good way to point your customer’s attention to your product.
  7. Keywords in your website’s titles – your website has different titles, which the professionals distinguish by the code names H1, H2, H3… Find out how many titles your website has and invest in developing the keywords. The most important keywords are advised to be at H1, second to H2 and so on.
  8. Keywords in the page description – the SEOs invest time to gather unique, but also exact keywords in the descriptions of each page of your website. This is a text which quite often is not visible by the users, but it is essential for the search engines and lets them know about the content on your website additionally. The additional keywords are added to the so-called anchor text, in image path files and many other hidden tools on your website.
  9. Hashtag your keywords – last couple of years the hashtag is another way to build up your strategy based on your business’ keywords. Mainly used on social media, the hashtag can support your marketing strategy and to position your company among the leading once, as far as it is used properly. Briefly the hashtag is the sign # and merged words after it, for example with the tire store it could be like – #tires, #newtires, #Michelin and so on.


The keywords are important element of you digital strategy and your success lays in the correct identification and usage.

Good luck!


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