Employer branding – why developing an image among the employees is essential part of the marketing mix

Employer branding – why developing an image among the employees is essential part of the marketing mix
February 21, 2016 DMG Blogger

Employer branding is quite new term for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, which was formed due to the absence of people at the IT industry. The job market is becoming even more difficult to manage; it is good each company, despite the size, to think how to manage more effectively the marketing resources it has in order to be more attractive for potential candidates. Employer branding has to become integral part of the marketing mix for every company.


Who has to do it?

Here comes the split between human resource and marketing departments. The answer I would give is – everybody. But mostly the manager. The more people realize the importance of the problem, the more fulfilled the process would be, and finding the right candidates would be quite eased.

Unfortunately most of the companies in Bulgaria don’t have their own manager for managing the human resources, which often leads the HR management to offers on jobs.bg


How to start? Here are some ideas from our experience.

  1. Develop your company’s business model based on the good human resource management – this is about corporate culture. Is the company able to invest in the employees’ future? The corporate management has do build clear rules trough which it will state the active position to work towards not only increasing the company’s profit (there is nothing bad in this and each company works for it), but also in increasing the company’s employees and partners satisfaction. If the business is developing with this thought in mind, then the rest is just mirror to this business model.


  1. Create corporate culture shared by everybody – one of the first things we did when we established Digital Marketing Group was to write down the mission, vision and values we believe in. Each one of us knows what kind of values we share and what are we aiming for. This helps us also for selecting job applicants. Each time we have selected candidates not based on these values, we have mistaken.
  2. Create a physical environment which attracts the right candidates – think about how your office looks like, what is in it, how does the people who work here feel. While developing the project for pour office, we at DMG bet on the fact that we are an advertising and marketing agency and from then on several fundamental elements –


    1. Bright colors (we aim for creativity and energetic in order to do better design and provide better solutions)
    2. Various working places (at the office, in the complex’s garden and spa complex)
    3. Different heights for sitting (you can work sitting on the floor, at the desk, on the desk, standing)
    4. View (we have magnificent view over Vitosha mountain)
    5. Kitchen and coffee (eating is essential part of the working time and it is part of the fulfilled break, while the coffee is part of the corporate culture that’s why we don’t underestimate it)
    6. Spa-center – it is a bonus for the employees and it is icing of the cake which we share about very often after we have chosen the candidate.


  1. Share content from the office and the office culture – thus you show the world who you are, what do you like, what makes you unique. This is how you make them appreciate it, enjoy it and stay more motivated.  For instance we have noticed that our most popular posts are the once we share about ourselves – our faces, our activities and emotions. This helps the future job applicant to decide whether your company is the right place for them or to show interest in becoming part of your team.  For this reason it is important to share and to have clear policy when and what type of information you would like to reveal from the company’s kitchen.
  2. Keep up your social media well – yes, you may be underestimating it, but social media are often the first point of contact with your future employees. Almost 100% of the applicants we meet have checked the company on the social media, while 60-70% has checked our website. If you don’t have a corporate profile on LinkedIn, it is time to have one. You will be surprised how many applicants are looking for job opportunities there.
  3. Create special section on your website where you will tell how cool you are – serious applicants are becoming more selective and the research very carefully the companies before they send their CV. The more qualified candidates you seek, the more time you have to spend on presenting the section with career opportunities on your website. Make your future employees to feel the company even before they apply.
  4. Educate your employees – many would think coaching and educating is among the human resource manager’s priorities. But well established education policy is part of the corporate culture. This approach can make you more attractive for some of the future candidates. For example at DMG we have “Friday stay high” – regular Friday coaching, during this time we develop skills and knowledge which are important for us. Anyone who wants to joins is always welcome.
  5. Go there where your applicants are – events are another place where you can meet potential applicants. That’s why it is important to think of the places it would be best to go and tell or present your company. Universities are a good place to start, but think about co-working spaces too, even concerts, etc.
  6. Guideline for the new employee – how do you involve the new employees? Do they know what to expect and what is expected from them? For instance we have written procedure (even though it is not as good as we wish it was), which introduce to the new employees. We introduce them to the corporate culture, to the strategy, to everyone’s responsibilities on the team, to the organization structure and others. Some companies share these things on the Internet and this is part of their policy for building employer branding.
  7. Stay in good relationship with your ex-employees – extremely underestimated factor. You cannot always do it, just because there are people who will be negative and wouldn’t admit their mistakes. Otherwise it is good to stay in good relationship with most of the company’s ex-employees. They are a precious source for references and support for your business even if you don’t realize it.
  8. Give your employees the freedom to share – generation Y is very precious in developing a good employer branding strategy. One of the most read articles for 2015 on our blog was by Mel, who was on a 6 months internship with us and shared her experience the way she saw it – no censure on our side.

Well we do marketing, but we also manage a business. That’s why we know how important it is to have a good image not only in front of your clients, but among your potential employees.


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