Have you protected your website with SSL certificate?

Have you protected your website with SSL certificate?
January 13, 2016 DMG Blogger

Google already pays serious attention to the topic. Here is what and why you can do.

In 2014 Google has announced their policy to index better in their search engines websites which provide secure and reliable connection. The HTTPS protocol is almost compulsory for all, who want to represents a good content on Internet. Moreover, for those who are leading own online business, the requirements for website’s safety are even more serious. In order to have the protocol you should install SSL certificate on your website.

Why is it important to have a reliable website?

You are building a good image among your visitors and users. It concerns especially online stores. So far part of the payment systems didn’t allow working with them if you don’t have installed certificate, but now the requirement is more and more serious. People are not worried because it’s your website and not hacked version of it. No one wants to share his credit card details with unauthorized person. Unfortunately, many users in Bulgaria still prefer cash in delivery as main way of payment.

Search engines start paying more attention. Even though it is not very clear how exactly it is going to happen, but the fact is that more and more HTTPs websites are going to rank themselves in front positions. Google has announced that even if there are two web pages with same content on your website, the one with HTTPs record will be indexed. Here there are some features, which were shared by Google – it is not going to happen automatically, but after covering about 10 requirements.

You save money from maintenance – the advantage of having safety website gives you the opportunity to avoid the inconvenience of engaging a person who constantly has to fix the system. Our own experience shows that the people who take care for the system are usually very costly professionals.

Which business will be mostly affected from the change?

Online shops – 100% of the big online shops have been using SSL certificates for a long time, but our observations show that more than 80% of smaller shops are still not paying serious attention to an encrypted connection between them and their clients. Certainly, it will affect their business. Websites which collect personal details – if you have registration forms or any other formats for collecting personal details and contact information on your website, it is also good to think whether it is not better and more safety to install SSL certificate.

News websites contain enormous content of information and ads besides they have registration forms in social networks, newsletter, forums, comments and etc. A big group of users show great interest to all these and it is very important that the information on the website which is collected by publishers to be encrypted and checked.

Websites which insist on their image – actually each corporate website of a company with good image is better think how to increase the safety in communications with their users.

What can you do?

Call your provider and learn how he can help you in purchasing and installing SSL certificate. Many hosting companies are working with several versions of SSL certificates and they can give you some versions to choose of.

Get to know what kind of certificate your business needs – there are several kinds of SSL certificates, which provide different kind of encrypted connection. Depends on your requirements and the safety you want the price varies 30 leva (15 Euros) yearly for common corporate websites and some thousands leva for big corporative websites, financial institutions and online shops.

Installing SSL certificate – SSL certificate ensures encrypted connection between your website and the user’s browser. We recommend you to install this certificate at least on your web pages, which requires exchange of information between your website and the users. These are registration forms, methods for payment and purchasing and etc. Although, some of the certificates don’t dive 100% guarantee that your website won’t be hacked, they guarantee your users can shop and exchange personal data safe.

Make sure that the URL addresses are working after installing the certificate – it is important for saving the optimization on your website. Do not block HTTPs web pages from robots.txt. Allow indexing of pages where it’s possible.

Unfortunately, SSL certificate and the safety of the website are only one of the thousands requirements, which your websites has to cover in order to rank in fore positions on the search engines. Pay attention and do not underestimate the other factors.


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