How to create curious-optimistic perspective for our team and daily work

How to create curious-optimistic perspective for our team and daily work
January 7, 2016 DMG Blogger

It was an ordinary Friday work day – end of the week, tones of projects, ideas and the Christmas holidays were reminding of them. But after Bilyana and Desi from Inspiral came, everything changed.

According to their words InSpiral aims to stimulate the inner creativity in everyone through unusual way; to inspire and provoke new ideas, whether it is in personal or professional plan. Before all else they create an environment bringing people’s potential in front in order to show them they can develop it and to find the suitable way on their own. For Digital Marketing Groups’s goals it was very good to see how we could add something more to our marketing services, like marketing strategies, web design, content management and the rest you will find on our new website.

Here is what happened in our office for 2 hours:

Bilyana and Desi had decorated the conferment room with beautiful scarfs; there were colorful pens, pencils and pastels! Yes, pastels, because we know that most of you haven’t drawn with them in a long time ☺ We admired the atmosphere at least 10 minutes, while we had absolutely no idea what was laying ahead of us. Gazing at the kid’s corner they created, we had no patient to start!


Each one of the team had chosen a theme he/she wants to be inspired for. This made us think what we miss, what do we want to improve and of course, which part lacks of inspiration. The fun part here was we didn’t know the wishes in between.

After that we had the task to draw, to dream, to small children again. We had the chance to talk to each other, which showed the person, the colleague in front of us in a different way. Not only as a team player in the busy schedules, but as a friend who dreams of something. Definitely the time brought us closer. And when we opened our minds to the inner child, a miracle occurred. Literаlly a miracle. Despite the first wishes, which turned out to be quite various, we were able to put our efforts and imagination back to the team work. We realized that we are making our day gray at work, no one else. At the same time we are the once who make the office happy and the clients satisfied.

To achieve this sometimes we have to stop, to draw our ideas, to laugh at our mistakes and swim back to the top together.

Well we can’t you every detail around this amazing experience, because you have to feel it on your own. We can add only that a notebook, computer mouse, vacuum cleaner and a coupler were involved in the whole process.

At first everyone thinks they don’t need little bit inspiration. It’s not true. Inspiration is essential, especially for people working in the advertising business, but this applies to every other market – from the grayest to the most colorful. The ideas and sharing are the things driving your team; they will push your business foreword, will show you new ways you can stand out.

Whom is InSpiral suitable for?

  • If you believe that you and your team have potential, but for some reason you are not unlocking it;
  • If you want to show your team you believe in it and you support it;
  • If you are looking for different solutions to certain business case, but you are on a dead road;
  • If you want to establish changes in the work flow or work environment…

Yes, then InSpiral’s ideas are for you and your team.

Unlick the doo to inspiration and invite happiness at the office, because this will reflect on the work.

At DMG we have tried it on our own and we were pleasantly surprised. After our adventure ended we had left one beautiful picture, drawn be all of us which now decorates our office and attracts the clients’ attention.

More about InSpiral you can find soon at


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