The market of Internet advertising in Bulgaria is 33.3 million BGN

The market of Internet advertising in Bulgaria is 33.3 million BGN
April 25, 2016 DMG Blogging

Display advertising is preferred by advertisers and occupies 82.2% of the total share. The data were presented at the annual forum of the Bulgarian office of IAB and they do not include investments in Google and Facebook channels.

The Bulgarian market of internet advertising

Display advertising, which includes mobile and video display advertising, accounts for over 4/5 of the total share of advertising in the Bulgarian internet space. Thus, banner advertising once again prevails on the domestic market. The data were made after a study of IPSOS among the major media groups and advertisers.

The data reported a decline of more than 1.2 million BGN of investment in display advertising compared to last year. 22.9 million BGN is the volume of display advertising in 2015. The difference comes from investments made in mobile advertising (1 million BGN) and video advertising (4.7 million BGN). The data clearly shows a trend where brands are investing increasingly in mobile advertising, as well as video.

A small increase was observed in the so-called ad per click. CPC and CPA advertising covers about 3 million BGN.

As a positive trend it can be noted that brands are increasingly turning attention to the so-called  native ads – i.e. PR publications that are woven into the editorial content of the site. This allows the users to acknowledge the brand and increase their confidence in it. Investment in this type of advertising is about 1.5 million BGN.

An increase was also reported in advertising in catalogs and directories; there is a growth of about 75%. The share in e-mail advertising remains unchanged.

How do Google and Facebook influence the local market?

It is a well known fact that the large international players Google and Facebook attract a huge part of the advertising investments in the online environment. Data shows that if you add up the volumes invested there by the surveyed agencies, the share of Internet advertising reaches nearly 62 million BGN, an increase of over 10% compared to 2014.

Google Search has attracted almost 17 million BGN, and YouTube – 8.6 million BGN. The big winner in 2015 on the domestic market is Facebook, which has more than 50% growth with a total investment volume slightly above 15.5 million BGN.

Programmatic – the word you will hear more and more often

Programmatic buying and RTB (Real-Time Bidding) will enter more seriously in the market, driven mainly by the pace of development of online trade. In 2015 this type of buying occupies a total of 7.4% of the total share of display advertising, an increase of 45% compared to the previous year, according to data of advertisers and media agencies.


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