Ad in advertising networks

Ad in advertising networks

The advertising in advertising networks got especially well developed in recent years. In Bulgaria, at present time, there are few major advertising networks. Some of them are developed by the publishers of websites, and the other – by independent companies.

This type of advertising is suitable not only as a secondary channel for larger campaigns, but also as a format, from which can benefit smaller advertisers.

Main advertising networks that operate in the country (outside that of Google) are: HTTPool, EasyAds, Etarget, AdWiseand others.


How it works

The advertising in advertising networks allows quick and relatively inexpensive campaign management in a number of websites. The positions offered are secondary positions in first-class (premium) websites or the same in smaller websites. Often website publishers use advertising networks to offer the unsold advertising space, which sometimes won’t cover the expectations of the advertiser.

The advertising networks allow a significantly better targeting of the target audiences, based on keywords and / or categories. Some of the networks don’t allow an accurate (precise) positioning of your ad in preferred from the advertiser websites.

The different advertising networks in the country have different features and cover a variety of audiences and websites. Although the listed here networks are main for the country and cover almost all Bulgarian Internet users one way or another, each of them has its own specific characteristics.

What targeting options are available

The advertising in advertising networks is developing very dynamically, allowing more accurate (precise) targeting of the target audiences.

Very often targeting can be done based on a selected category or based on keywords (contextual positioning).

In the first case, each advertising network offers number of categories, in which you can position your ad – such as automotive, business, home, etc.

For contextual positioning is necessary to specify in advance keywords, based on which the software will send your ad only to users, who are interested in content similar to your keywords.

Our experts, with many years of experience, will be able to offer you the optimum mix for your more accurate (precise) targeting needs in the advertising networks.

What devices does it work for: computers, tablets, mobile devices.

What advertising formats are possible

The advertising networks mostly work with text ad, since it can be achieved at the lowest price per click – something, most advertisers are looking for.

The ad banners, which are positioned in such networks, have mostly standard formats 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 etc.

The large banners, for example 300×600, are extremely rare in the networks of the Bulgarian publishers.

What price models are used: CPC and CPM

This type of channel is known among the general public as an ad click as well. Although this is not the only form of payment offered by the advertising networks, their use by the general public is widely spread, mainly because of the option to pay only for the made clicks on the banner or advertising message.

In some cases, the advertiser is the one, who determines the price that he would pay per click. In other cases, the networks have advertisement tariffs, where discounts are used, based on the realized volumes. Some of the networks offer advertising packages – for example, 100 BGN/min, while others allow the advertiser to choose the budget, he would like to invest.

Positioning and measuring

Your ad takes secondary positions on leading websites or on smaller websites. A disadvantage of these networks is the fact that in most cases you have no control over in what environment your ad is being broadcasted and it is often surrounded by a lot of other ads – this is especially true for the text ads.

How is your ad measured:

There are different methods to measure the effectiveness in the Internet environment. Owners of advertising networks provide access to the statistical data of the individual ads. It is mandatory that the data, provided from them, contains information about the number of impressions, the made clicks and the ratio between them, the so called CTR. In some of them you can see also the websites, where your ad was positioned.

If you want an independent from the publishers monitoring of the accountability of your advertising, you can use independent agencies for Internet monitoring such as or the services of Google.

How it helps you grow your business

The advertising in advertising networks can be an effective tool by the promotion of your business. It helps you by:

  • Reaching a large audience;
  • Increasing the trust in the company;
  • Giving opportunities for selection and targeting of the right target groups, who your message should reach;
  • Helping increase the sales of your goods or services;
  • Giving an opportunity to manage the appearance of your company in the community;
  • Optimizing the marketing expenses by providing multiple options for results accounting of the campaigns;
  • Providing more free time for you and your team.

How we can be of use to you:

The team of Digital Marketing Group offers working and effective solutions for management of your marketing and advertising budgets. Via our experience in planning and implementation of campaigns in advertising networks, we can assist you in the various stages of the process.

When developing an advertising strategy

  • To help you determine the goals of the campaign in a way that meets the needs of your business;
  • To assist you by the market segmentation;
  • To identify the users you want to reach;
  • To assist by the campaign budgeting;
  • To develop a working media mix in separate communications channels – online and offline;
  • To help develop the visual concept of the campaign;

When implementing the campaign

  • To develop an appropriate (adequate) for your needs communication plan;
  • To make a detailed media planning, in order to achieve the sated in the strategy advertising prices;
  • To develop attractive visual messages, with which to attract the attention of your customers;
  • To organize the campaign, the operational control over the implementation and the final monitoring;

The campaign report

  • To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;
  • To offer innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

To reach the most users at the best price.

It’s hard today to find people who understand their job, do it openly, fairly and honestly, with heart and from the heart, ignite you with their ideas and confidently and calmly help you realize the best for you. If you need such people, call the Digital Marketing Group.  


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