Ad in Google Adwords

Ad in Google Adwords

Reaching the right users in places where they read, write, or view is a key element in overall online advertising. One of the most powerful and precise channels for this purpose is Google Adwords, an advertising platform owned by Google’s technology giant.

Based on collected data on online behavior, interests, and activities, various platform ad formats are published, including a broad base of affiliate sites, apps, and social media such as YouTube. With a well-tuned campaign with clearly set parameters, targeted audience, and other factors, your Adwords ad investment will be low and performance high.

Statistics show that the return on investment may surge 9 times the initial capital invested. That’s why you need a trusted partner who understands your goals, has a clear view of your company’s needs as well as those of target users and constantly monitors the development of the campaign by providing the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize ad quality and cost to reach to the right potential customers.


How Adwords works?

Google Adwords is good for both B2C and B2B companies. These include startups, online stores or heavier and narrowly-oriented companies such as construction, architecture, equipment manufacturing, and more.

Basic campaign parameters are defined – budget, audience, goal.

The type of advertising – text, display, video, remarketing – is determined by the end goal to be set. Various formats can be combined to better represent and capture a wider range of potential audiences.

Ad serving is monitored daily to see which works better, and why necessary additional adjustments are needed to reach more people later and reduce the cost of clicks, impressions, or conversions.

What targeting options are available

The Google Adwords ad allows a detailed breakdown of the targeted audience. We are talking not only about gender, age and location, but also about language, interests, devices, keywords, and more. Interestingly, Google Adwords accounts for 80% of online users in each country.

Measuring performance

There are several ways to measure ad performance in the Google Adwords platform. On the one hand, the tool itself provides all the necessary data at the campaign level, ad level, and keyword level. Accordingly, the data includes the number of views, the number of clicks, the number of conversions, the cost per keyword, the total budget spent, the relevance, the bounce rate, and so on.

Measurement can be done for a day, week, month, or set parameters. Another source of ad campaign success is Google Analytics – both platforms must be linked to see how many people visited your site as a result of your ad and what actions they have taken on your site.

How it helps you to grow your business

By properly using and tuning ads in Google Adwords, you can easily achieve your ultimate goal, such as increasing sales or placing a new product on the market, reaching a narrow circle of potential customers, building a brand, increasing interactions, inquiries through your website, and remind people about your services and / or products.


The Digital Marketing Group team has experience in creating advertising campaigns in Google Adwords not only for the Bulgarian market but also for a number of international markets in Europe. The strategies we apply to them are based on detailed market research and analysis, user needs and online behavior. We treat each project with great care and try to fully understand, even in the heaviest industries, by studying them.

When developing an advertising strategy

We will help you determine the objectives of the campaign in a way that suits the needs of your business;

We will assist you in segmenting the market;

We will identify the users you want to reach;

We will assist in compiling a campaign budget;

We will develop relevant and clear ads (text, display, video)

When implementing the campaign

Develop a strategic plan that suits your needs;

Optimize and monitor the daily performance of ads

Let’s develop attractive visual messages to attract the attention of your customers

The campaign report

To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;

To offer you innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

Because it’s important to be where your users are.

I can talk about Digital Marketing Group in a lot of words, but the most important are the individual attitude towards the client, the precise and professional work and the creative thinking. 

MILENA YORDANOVA, Marketing Manager of Kovas

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