Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

The Contextual ad binds your creative to the content on the page where it appears. This way you can be close to the users who are interested in similar to your product. Take the opportunity to remind yourself of the moment your competitors present their products or when your customers make the purchase decision.

Contextual advertising is one of the targeting methods that is being used actively today. Typically, this type of service is available from ad networks.


How it works

Contextual advertising is a preferred choice when you have a tightly profiled audience, for example in B2B campaigns, and / or when you need to impose a particular product. The audience’s reach in this case is smaller than other types of advertising, but instead you reach people who are interested in your product or service.
To make a good campaign with contextual advertising, you need to clarify the words that are important to your message and characterize your product or service. After introducing several similar words, using our software and / or the software on the relevant ad network, we will be able to offer you an effective list of the words and phrases the software searches for in the content of the sites to broadcast your message there.
The Digital Marketing Group uses a variety of software products to plan and control your contextually targeted campaigns. In this way, combined with our experience, we guarantee the most accurate targeting of your advertising messages.

What targeting options are available

Targeting for this type of advertising is based on the context of the content of the site. In this way, a car oil advertisement, for example, will be broadcasted in automotive context articles. So you reach your audience at the moment she needs you. Contextual targeting is usually offered by different ad networks. Top-class sites do not have the practice of offering such a type of ad, though some of them are developing more unconventional forms of contextual ad serving. Our specialists, using software and based on their long experience, will be able to offer you the optimal mix for the needs of your more accurate targeting.

What advertising formats are possible

Ad formats in contextual ads are banners, text, and videos. Publishers choose different sites to display on their pages. Most advertisers prefer banner ads with standard formats. For these, the dimensions are 300×250, 729×90, and larger formats like 300×600 are now required. Choosing the right ad formats is one of the most important steps in the internet campaigning process. We at the Digital Marketing Group know the capabilities of individual sites and we can offer you the most appropriate options for visualizing your creative.

What price models are used

In most cases, banner ad on premium sites is purchased at a cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) basis. In the coming years, the CPV model will be needed. The practice of the CPA price model is still unpopular in Bulgaria, but it is expected to appear in the contextual advertisement model a few years later. This type of advertising is of relatively low value and can be successfully used as part of the media mix with more profiled advertising, for example sports goods, building materials, etc.

Positioning and measuring

Your ad is positioned in secondary positions on top-ranking sites or on sites with less traffic. Some of the ad networks offering contextual advertising do not have the ability to precisely select the pages where the banners are broadcasted. In this case, so-called blind networks are used where you have no control over where and how your ad is placed. There are different methodologies for measuring efficiency in the internet environment. Site publishers often provide access to individual ad statistics. The data they provide must contain information about the number of impressions, clicks and the ratio between them, CTR. Some publishing groups work with more precise softwares and give exceptionally good reports on individual campaign conversions. These reports are sometimes about 50 pages long. Their use and careful review enable customers to improve their business offer for subsequent campaigns. If you want a publisher-independent monitoring of your ad’s accountability, you can use independent Internet monitoring agencies or Google services.

How it helps you to grow your business

Contextual advertising can be an effective way to help your business. It helps you by:

Reminds your company, products or service at a time when consumers are interested in them or similar;
Enhances the company’s image and brand recognition by reaching a well-targeted number of users who are interested in your products / services;
Increases trust in the company when customer seeks information about competitive products / services;
Allows you to select and target the exact target audiences to reach your message;
Helps to increase sales of your goods or services;
Allows you to control your company’s performance in the community;
Optimizes marketing costs by providing multiple reporting options for campaign results;
Give more time for you and your team.


The Digital Marketing Group team offers working and efficient solutions to manage your marketing and advertising budgets. Through our experience in planning and implementing contextual advertising campaigns, we can assist you in the various stages of the process.

When developing an advertising strategy

By helping you identify the objectives of the campaign in a way that suits the needs of your business;
To assist you in segmenting the market
Identify the users you want to reach;
Assist in budgeting the campaign
Develop a working media mix in separate communication channels – offline and online;
To help develop the visual concept of the campaign;

When implementing the campaign

Develop a communication plan appropriate to your needs;
Make a detailed media planning to achieve the advertising prices set in the strategy;
Develop attractive visuals to attract the attention of your customers;
Organize the campaign’s declaration, the operational control of its implementation and the final monitoring;

The campaign report

  • To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;
  • To offer you innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

To be among the right users.

We are very pleased with our joint partnership with DMG! As a start-up business a year ago, we were attracted by their vision of establishing a new service in Bulgaria and the innovative approach to the implementation of the marketing plan through digital channels. We rely on them to grow together!


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