Press advertisement

Press advertisement

For many people press advertising is outdated, but we know there are a lot of cases where it works better than any other channel. Our team of professionals will cooperate you to choose the print media in order to reach your audiences.

The press is still an effective channel when executing B2B campaigns, when executing specific image campaigns or when reaching tight profiled audiences.

We work with most of the print medias in the country (newspapers and magazines) and we can offer attractive conditions for advertisement and publishing content in them. Our team has the needed experience in executing press media campaigns.

Because the press will become more and more boutique.

From our experience with the Team of the Digital Marketing Group, we can claim that its employees have a high level of expertise, they are responsible for the tasks and perform them in a quality and timely manner.

Assoc. Dr. Maria Stanimirova, University of Economics – Varna

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