Programmatic is just the next step in digital advertisement

Programmatic is just the next step in digital advertisement
April 5, 2017 DMG Blogger

Yieldbird is a Polish global company specialized in advertising management and ad optimization. They help publishers using advanced programmatic strategies and technologies, so they can increase the productivity and effectiveness of digital sales and online campaigns. All of that is made with the help of a software engineers and IT customization.

Basically, what stands behind the product is highly advanced big data analytics methods and self-learning algorithms that the company use in programmatic ad optimization and digital management. Still sounds like rocket science? Well maybe this interview will help you understand programmatic advertising a little bit better.

Marcin Ekiert, CEO of Yieldbird, has always worked somehow closer to Internet. Long before Yieldbird, he started his working experience as web designer, after that he got into coding and programming. During years of his career he worked for a number of companies, i.e. Making Waves and in the web development departments.  Marcin is also co-founder of AdTaily, which actually evolved into Yieldbird.


Hello Marcin. Before we start with the essential questions, can you explain briefly what Yieldbird does for the publishers and advertisers?

In general, our job as a company is to increase the revenue for both publishers and advertisers, so they can achieve the fastest possible growing in future.

Programmatic is a new and fast way to optimize digital marketing process.  Before, people spent a lot of time contacting buyers and sellers, but now all of those processes are running automatically by the help of programmatic ads. Our software automatizes the whole process.

So we try to find the core of the problems that marketers & publishers have – they might be lack of skills, poor optimization on the open market – these kind of things require quite strong methodologies and a lot of experience in digital and online marketing. Our job as a company is to show them the right way.

Great, but how large publishing organizations and big media groups can benefit from the strategic programmatic partnership that you offer?

First, it’s the uplift of the revenue with at least 30%, but this is visible from the first month of the collaboration. Publishers understand better the programmatic and that this is just part of the sales – their channel of execution. Not all of the sales come from digital programmatic, some money is still booked in the ad server – but on the whole, this is just sales. And this is how we teach our publishers, and this is how they become more aware of the whole concept of programmatic buying. In that way they understand better the core of their business.

Are publishers in Bulgaria willing to try programmatic in their sales strategies?

I think that publishers in Bulgaria are in a moment of development when you don’t think about programmatic development, if we are talking about digital awareness. Of course, there are part of them that have small part of inventory which is monetized programmatically, but most of the money comes from direct sales.

Surely, direct sales are much more important for media groups, because they are 90% of advertisement revenue, but 70% of these money can be quite easily over placed. Programmatic is quite good at buying and selling simple banners, and machines can do it very effective, so why person should be involved. If you have a person in your team that is a good seller, just involve him in something that is not so easily sold by machines, so you can earn even more money.

I think that Bulgaria still doesn’t see this opportunity and publishers think that programmatic is just small part of the whole picture, something additional. But there are publishers here that are curious and try, they see that it works and they invest in programmatic. There is no need to invest large amounts of money to see that it is profitable, you can start by simply trying.

How programmatic buying and advertising can become the next game changer in the marketing arena?

It’s more effective in terms of delivery. You can book campaigns by programmatic and you can start a campaign in a minute, so you save a lot of time. Another part of the same story is that from saving time on this, you can focus on more important things and things that could not be automatized.

How would you describe the product to a person that is not working in the marketing field?

Well, I would say that we are sellers, to be honest. Sellers, that can sell products in a better way than the producers.

What do you thing about Bulgaria as a business destination?

In general, I’m very positive about Bulgaria. Apart from the people and the nice atmosphere that the country provides, I would say that it’s a great place for doing business. Maybe there are a limited number of publishers and companies in Bulgaria who manage their business in good way, but the business ecosystem is evolving very fast.


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