We are offering professional services for the development of marketing strategies that improve the performance of your business. We believe in the power of digital technologies, but we know that they alone, are not sufficient enough for your business to stand out. We put to work our know-how in marketing, in order to build, together, a fulfilling environment, in which your digital advertising will be effective.

Because we know, how important it is to be perfect, we provide you with:


Knowing the processes, markets and trends, being able to analyze them and to derive benefit from them for you, are key competencies for the marketing managers of today. We steady increase our know-how and invest time in training, because this is the only investment that is with certainty redeemable in the future.
Because we know, how important it is to know.


Our experience in planning, implementing and analyzing marketing strategies, gives us confidence that we can help you improve your marketing results and together, we can organize a better environment, for you to manage and control. This way, your brand (trademarks) will appear more noticeable on the market.
Because we know, how important it is to step on solid ground.


We study the technological innovations in the marketing and advertising field, and implement them by the realization of your campaigns. We translate the computer language into the language of marketing, and then into the language of the user.
Because we know, how difficult it is to navigate through the vast mix of digital technologies.


We work with people. That’s why, we know, how important human relationships are in the implementation of every communication campaign. We ensure quality management of your messages and select the team that is most suitable for you.
Because we know that behind each strategy are standing real people – you and your customers.


We know how important it is that your customers love your business. That’s why, together, we can give them unforgettable experiences and support your business this way.

Because we know, how important it is to be loved.

Because we know how important it is to win.

We are very pleased with our joint partnership with DMG! As a start-up business a year ago, we were attracted by their vision of establishing a new service in Bulgaria and the innovative approach to the implementation of the marketing plan through digital channels. We rely on them to grow together!


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