B2B Marketing


Because we know the strengths of the clever B2B marketing

DMG team has a more vast experience in planning, implementation and management of specialized B2B campaigns. We have supported the business development of many production facilities or segmented products and services. Thus we know the details in the business development process when working with companies targeting B2B audience.

And we know very well that the big big budget is not enough.

How do we work:


Detailed aquaintance with your business

Whether it is about building products or raw materials, the first step we take is to become familiar with the business’s structure, with the production process, with the technical specifications of the products or services which will be offered.


Getting to know the client’s target audience

At B2B marketing this could be even 10 people for one country. Based on our experience we have developed methods for working with small target groups and we provide suitable solutions for reaching them


Getting to know the therms

This is maybe one of the hardest phases, but without it there is no way we could guarantee qualified solutions we give. Sometimes it means we must get involved with external experts (mainly when it comes to the field of science), who work with us and support us in the process.


Getting to know the competitors

At B2B very often these are 2 – 10 companies who are recognized as direct competitors. In order to provide qualified solutions, we analyze in detail their business too, the strong and the weak sides.

How can we support you when doing B2B marketing campaigns:

When developing a B2B strategy

  1. Research and analysis of the target markets
  2. Development of detailed action plan for entering new geographic markets and segments.
  3. Managements of the communication process with the different business segments:
    1. Design and development of B2B or trade materials.
    2. Development of online and offline communication with business partners.
  4. Sales points identification:
    1. Events, exhibitions, professionals forums
    2. Personal meetings.
  5. Support in the identification of business partners (distributors,  representatives, suppliers, clients, etc. )
  6. Legal and accounting support
  7. Internal and export marketing budgeting

When implementing the B2B campaign

  • To develop an appropriate (adequate) for your needs communication plan;
  • To make a detailed media planning, in order to achieve the sated in the strategy advertising prices;
  • To develop attractive visual messages that will attract the attention of your B2B customers and new markets;
  • To organize the campaign, the operational control over the implementation and the final monitoring;

The campaign report

  • To assist you with ideas for the optimization of your future campaigns;
  • To offer you innovative solutions that will improve the development of your business.

Because our business is also a B2B business.

From our previous work with the company, we can say that we are extremely pleased with the experience and expertise we are provided with in developing our advertising campaigns that target narrowly specialized target groups.  

LENA PETKOVA, Managing Director at Robert Bosch

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