Market Segmentation


Market segmentation for each of our clients helps us to find out what are the possibilities in front of their business. This way on a next level we will know how to develop communication strategy facing the business’ needs and to respond adequate to the market’s requirements.

When we research the market segmentation of our customers, we study:

  •  The users: User needs (current and potential customers). User attitudes towards brands (trademarks) in the same segment. User perceptions of products / services of the company;
  •  Buying behavior;
  •  The competition;
  •  The company positioning;
  •  The attractiveness of the respective segment and its potential for development;
  •  Whether the corresponding segment matches the business objectives;
  •  Products and services of the company.

So, together, we build a system looking into:

  •  What makes your business different or what could make it different from that of your direct competitors?
  •  Into what kind of segments to steer their efforts?
  •  Which of these segments, your opportunities will manage?
  •  What price must be paid to enter the respective segment?
  •  How sustainable is this model over time?
  •  What makes your product distinctive in the eyes of the buyers?

Because it is important to find what are you unique in.

From our previous work with the company, we can say that we are extremely pleased with the experience and expertise we are provided with in developing our advertising campaigns that target narrowly specialized target groups.  

LENA PETKOVA, Managing Director at Robert Bosch

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