The Digital Future of Television Today

The Digital Future of Television Today
July 24, 2015 DMG Blogger

More screens, faster connection and consumers hungry for high quality content. This is no longer part of the future, but the reality itself. Where are the TV stations and advertisers today?

Television is not only for TVs
The different screens of the devices are the big challenge for the TV managers. They must adapt and offer content in a way suitable for viewing in different formats – from mobile phones, tablets and laptops and large format screens. Keep in mind the up-coming so called “wearables”, where the screen size will be minimized.

TV is not used only to broadcast TV channels
The number of smart TVs will grow over with 25% annually. This means that broadcasters will have more and more competition on the big screen. Users will be able to choose and manage the content they want and when they want it. Internet TV (those not aired or cabled) will increase its presence and actually even today any user or brand, can develop their own television.

Consumers are willing to pay for content
Yes, this is how it works in more developed countries, but also lately in Bulgaria the number of people who are willing to pay for quality content is increasing. Therefore, cable operators compete to offer packages with more and more various content.

Young people do not watch TV
If you expect bTV and Nova to be the attractive center for young people, you will be surprised. TV screen is no longer as attractive force as it was years ago. Nowadays teenagers are the generation which introduces the rule – you decide and manage the content you watch.

Content and technology
This is the future face of what today we call television. In order to be competitive in the upcoming years, television has to reorganize their strategies. From businesses that offer content they need to restructure themselves to combining content and technology.

Content, content, content
Providing quality content is difficult, very difficult and… expensive. This state will require producers to rethink their business model. They have to think over whether to offer mass production or to target specific audiences, in what formats to offer their products, how to capture footage, so that they look good on different devices, whether to locate their production to other markets, etc.

Advertisers will have more choices
If there is good news, it is that advertisers will be able to target their messages more precise and to measure with an accuracy of 1 user viewing. This will enable them to optimize their costs for media buying, to react quickly to changes and to make sure that consumers can see their brand at the audience’s favorite shows.

Bulgarian television reality

This inevitably is associated with a complete change in the vision of the top management. Something unfortunately we did not see happening actively in some of the leading Bulgarian media.

A good example in this respect is the group of MTG, owner of Nova TV, which in recent seasons quite actively was involved in the acquisition of more and more online assets and which tries to offer various options for access to its content.

Unfortunately, the other big player BTV, despite attempts, do not yet manage to establish itself in this field. That affects the audience that attracts and will attract in the future.
National Television channel, while offering sometimes quality content, lags behind innovation, which is a shame.

Where are the Bulgarian companies?

The big advertisers (especially in international B2C field) have already upgraded themselves and many of them started to look how to fit their strategies in the changing world. Medium and smaller market players unfortunately failed to adapt to the next big trend – the creation of video content and offer it to different devices. They can “steal” time and audiences of television and quickly monetarize their investment.


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